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Rover 4.0/4.6 Con Rod Bolt Kit
Full set of OEM Land Rover 4.0 and 4.6 Litre Rod Bolts (16 per Kit)
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MGB V8 2015 Sponsorship (Ollie Neaves & Rob Spencer)
We are pleased to announce that we will be supporting Ollie Neaves and Rob Spencer ( TN Racing) in this years (2015) BCV8 Championship. Ollie has been a long time compaigner in other MG series and for this year is continuing with his 3.9 Litre 370 - 380+ BHP powertrain. After narrowly missing......
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Range Rover P38 GEMS or Thor High Torque Cam Kit
Range Rover P38 GEMS Cam Kit. All parts Made in USA,UK or European Union Kit Contents Include : 1 x High Torque Camshaft for 4.0 or 4.6 Engine 16 x Made In Detroit USA Lifter Set Set USA Timing Chain, Cam Sprocket, Crank Gear 1 x Cam End Bolt 1 x Cam Lube 1 x Timing Cover Gasket 1 x......
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Range Rover GEMS STD Cam Kit
Range Rover P38 GEMS Cam Kit. Not Britpart/Bearmach All parts Made in USA or European Union Kit Contents Include : 1 x OE Camshaft for 4.0 or 4.6 Engine 16 x Made In Detroit USA Lifter Set Set USA Timing Chain, Cam Sprocket, Crank Gear 1 x Cam End Bolt 1 x Cam Lube 1 x Timing Cover ......
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Range Rover Classic 1976 - 1994 New Timing Cover and Uprated Oil Pump Gear Kit
New Genuine Land Rover Timing Cover - Now obsolete from Land Rover ( Last price 818.87 + VAT 163.77) Also Included is deeper oil pump gear kit, up from the std 26.5mm to 29mm deep gears for increased volume and pressure. These covers are suitable for the 1976 - 1994 (non serp) engines with ......
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Typical Damage to Rover V8 TVR Rocker Arms. Solution fit Roller Rockers !
We get frequent enquires from customers who have modified and uprated engines fitted to their cars which have suffered from the inevitable valve train and specificaly rocker arm failure. This problem seems to affect generaly TVR and other vehicles fitted with high lift camshafts. Greater va......
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***Ultimate Performance*** Yella Terra Race Full Cradle Roller Rocker Total System YT 6305
Stronger than the GpA Steel Assembly. Less mass and wear on valve guides due to reduced axial thrust, means less friction, wear, and this equates to more power. This "Total System" replaces all original Rover parts except pushrods, and rocker shaft bolts. The Rocker Arms feature Torrington......
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Rover Cross Bolted - ARP Main Sud + Cross Bolts Kit
Rover V8 ARP Main stud Kit Superior clamping from these main stud kits. The kit features high tensile steel studs with nuts and washers as well as assembly lube. Lube applied to the bolts allows consistant torque values when comparred to using other lubes or mixes. Added insurance and a......
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4.8 Litre Short Engine ( 96 x 82mm)
Perfect upgrade when it comes to the enevitable time to replace/repair your 3.5,3.9,4.0,4.5 or 4.6 litre short engine. Spec as follows: Note : This engine is constructed from New parts completely for maximum reliability and performance. The cylinder block is the only remanufactured/re-engineere......
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Rover V8 Lucas Type 35 DLM8 Distributor
New Land Rover 35 DLM8 Distributor complete with Distributor Cap, Vacuum Capasule and Drive gear for post 1976 engines. Note : Drive Gear is fitted but will require lower coupling from your old distributor. Originaly spec'd for 3.9 and 4.2 Efi Engines these units can be fitted to all post 1976 ......
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Rover V8 5.0 Litre Short Engine. 300 + BHP
5.0 Litre Short Engine ( 96 x 86mm) Perfect upgrade when it comes to the enevitable time to replace/repair your 3.5,3.9,4.0,4.5 or 4.6 litre short engine. Spec as follows: The cylinder block is remanufactured/re-engineered component and fitted with new flanged liners. Cross Bolted Cylin......
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Replacement Oil Pump Gears for Rover V8, TVR Serp 1994 >
Replacement Oil Pump Gear Set for serpentines belted timing covers. OEM ( UK Made) To Suit TVR Chimera + Griff 1995 > Land Rover Discovery 1994 > Range Rover 4.0/4.6 1994 - 2002
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Rover V8 to B/W T5 Gearbox Bellhousing
Cast Aluminium, Heat Treated, Shot Blasted and X-Rayed Bellhousing to suit Rover V8 Engine to T5 Gearbox. Suitable for use with either hydraulic or Mechanical + Hydraulic Clutch Actuation mechanisims. For clutch and clutch actuating parts please see flywheel/clutch section. Note: not drille......
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Rover V8 3.9 EFi Cam, Lifters & Steel timing Set
Rover 3.9/4.2 Efi Camshaft Steel Heavy Duty Timing Set Set of OE Land Rover Followers/Lifters Supplied with cam bolt & cam lube This combination will yeild an additional 5-8BHP over the standard 3.5 carb camshaft due to the revisions. For further improvements in power and reliability ie mo......
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Rover V8 (all) 3.5 - 5.0 "The Performance Bargain" Yella Terra Roller Rocker Arms YT6000R Series - Promotion 549.88 inc VAT per Set !!
We are pleased to announce we are the appointed European and UK Distributors of the range of Yella Terra Products. As an introductory offer and to celebrate this appointment, we are offering the YT6000 series roller rockers at a special price. Previous price 649.95 What you get for your......
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New Style Rover V8 Mallory Electronic KIT
Mallory Electronic Distributor Kit comes compelete with the following : New Type Electronic Distributor - Vac adv Mallory High Output Ignition Coil Mallory Electronic Ballast Resistor Mallory 8mm silicone lead set (yellow or blue) Supplied with distributor drive gear to suit MGBV8, Rov......
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Remanufactured 4.6 litre Crankshaft with New Bearings
Remanufactured 4.6 litre Crankshaft. Bead Blasted, cleaned and ground first undersize. Supplied complete with Glyco Premier Quality Main and Rod Bearings Ideal replacement or Just add 4.6 rods and convert your 4.0 litre motor for increased torque and horsepower. Limited availability
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5.0 Litre Stroker Crankshaft (86.36mm) Large Journal
5.0 Crankshaft. Material SG Iron Large Journal type to suit x bolted blocks 86.26mm Stroke - Use with 96mm pistons for 5.0 litre conversions ** upgrade your 4.0/4.6 litre V8 to 4.8/5.0 Litres** Balancing also available
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Rover V8 HD valve springs (single)
Full set of HD Valve springs. These springs feature 1 less coil therefore eliminating coil binding when using uprated performance camshafts. Suitable for Crower 50299, 50230 & 50232* For sustained high rpm use double springs should be used with 50232, 50233,50234. Valve Spring shiming may......
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****Rover V8 Edelbrock Carb Kit*** Quality Only 849.99 inc VAT !
Versatile Carb Kit suitable for all Rover V8 engines. Rover SD1 TVR 350 Morgan + 8 Land Rover Defender, 110, Disco Range Rover Classic 3.5 - 4.2 MGB V8 Triumph TR8 If your vehicle is not listed above, please email for suitability. Kit Includes Edelbrock 500 cfm Man Choke Carb (G......
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